21 Cool Levitating Gadgets For Geeks – 2022
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21 Cool Levitating Gadgets For Geeks

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Need a cool, new gadget to wow your friends and family? Look no further than these cool levitating gadgets. They’re not only decorative but functional as well. From levitating speakers to levitating lamps, even an air purifier with suspended water droplets, these gadgets are sure to impress all your friends and family.

Here are 21 Cool Levitating Gadgets For Geeks!

1. Levitating Moon Lamp

The Moon Lamp levitates and rotates in the air at all times. What’s more, it uses wireless charging technology so it can be charged while levitating. You can even turn it on/off with the touch control base below.

2. Levitating Orb Speaker 

Check out this mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind speaker that floats in mid-air, creating a 3D surround sound experience. The Speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 to wirelessly stream your favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The base illuminates with a different color LED light every time you play your favorite song too.

3. Saturn Moon Lamp

Relax at night with the hypnotic, gentle glow of Saturn’s rings around this lamp. The 3D-printed Saturn lamp floats and spins effortlessly, making it the perfect gift for science nerds, space enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the cosmos.

4. Magnetic Levitation Platform

The levitation platform is the ultimate way to make the wow factor happen. It allows you to levitate your favorite items in any space. You can levitate such things as your jewelry, mini potted plants, or other collectibles to create the coolest eye-catching centerpiece.

5. Levitating UFO Speaker

The Levitating UFO Speaker is the strangest, coolest speaker you’ll ever see. It floats in mid-air and never falls down, thanks to magnetic levitation. It pumps out crystal clear audio with a 360-degree range so you can listen to your favorite music wherever you are. You can also change the color of the base light to make your mood more exciting. It’s perfect for those who want their music to be the center of attention.

6. Levitating Flower Pot 

Wherever you are, plants can be there too! Floating in the air, at your desk, on your table, on the shelf, on your coffee table, or anywhere else. The magnetized pot holds the flower upwards, making them appear to be floating in the air. It’s a simple way to add life and freshness to where you are and keep a happy mood. It’s suitable for all ages and makes a great gift for plant lovers.

7. Levitating Light Bulb

Don’t settle for an average bulb! The levitating light bulb is light years ahead of any old-fashioned bulbs. With a magnetic base that suspends the bulb, its anti-shock, durable borosilicate glass, and beautiful design, this light bulb is perfect for any room. It also has a wireless charging pad that you can charge your phone with.

8. Levitating Aircraft Speaker

The perfect gift for the aviation enthusiast who has everything. The levitating aircraft speaker will be the newest, most cutting-edge addition to their man cave or office desk. This highly simulated model of a military fighter aircraft is capable of constant levitation and plays music with lights when it rotates.

9. Floating Switch Table Lamp

Have you ever wanted a light that’s different? The Circlo levitating switch table lamp is it. With its 3D-printed metal ball in the air as the only switch, and with no cords to trip over, it’s time to say goodbye to lamps with inconvenient light switches. It is not only a lamp but also a decoration that will look beautiful lit up at the dinner table, in the bedroom, living room, or office space.

10. Floating Light Bulb

This floating light bulb has a similar concept to the other mentioned above. The only difference is that this is not connected to a stand, the bulb floats directly over the base. It also doesn’t charge your phone as the other one.

11. Hovering Pen

The Hoverpen 2.0 is the world’s first pen hovering at an angle. It’s perfectly balanced at 23.5 degrees, impossible to ignore, which makes it the best conversational starter on your desk. Even better than its sleek look, the Hoverpen promises a smooth writing experience with no spills, no spots, and definitely no explosions.

12. Floating Shoe Display

This is the most innovative way to display your shoe collection. The floating shoe display stand uses electromagnetic waves to suspend your shoes in mid-air. It has a built-in fan and small air holes in the side to keep the shoe rotating at 360. It’s perfect for sneaker collectors who would want to display their favorite pair.

13. Levitating Ball Air Purifier

Who needs an air purifier? You do, if you know what’s good for you. Especially when it’s time to get some great shut-eye. The Levitating Ball Air Purifier is the perfect solution to remove negative particles and allergens from the air and to keep your breathing easy and your family healthy. It also makes a great night light and is a great conversation piece as well.

14. Floating World Map Globe

The world is yours to explore with this stylish and unique product. The floating globe is a great decor piece, providing a nice display effect for your office, desk, or home.

15. Levitating UFO Bluetooth Speaker

Here is another levitating UFO speaker similar to the one mentioned above, except that this one is also a night lamp. When you place it on the base, it will levitate about 8-10 cm away from the lamp holder and rotate. The UFO shape matches the color change of the lamp holder and will make a great addition to any room.

16. Levitating Football

Display your favorite NFL team in style with this levitating football stand. The innovative design uses electromagnets to allow the football to levitate and spin in mid-air. LED lights located at the top of the stand give it that extra wow factor. It also has Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music and can be charged via USB. Show your team some love and get one today.

17. Floating Globe

The Floating Globe is an easy way to display the Earth and accent your space. This interactive globe can be spun and the frame illuminates once plugged into the socket. It’s perfect for when you want to show off your knowledge of geography or make an impact on your home decor. This stylish levitating globe is an innovative addition to any room.

18. Levitating Water Drops Lamp

The latest trend in home decor is the levitating water drops lamp. This unique, anti-gravity optical illusion causes the water drops to appear to go upward and seemingly levitate in midair. This tabletop fountain lamp is a beautiful addition to any table and will intrigue any and all guests in your home.

19. Levitating Football Helmet

This is a great alternative to the levitating football mentioned above and is perfect for that sports fan who is looking for a new way to show his or her team spirit.

20. Harry Potter Floating Pen

Aspiring wizards and muggles alike, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this nimbus 2000 replica pen. It’s a beautiful way to write your notes or even doodles. Just place the pen on the base and watch it float in the air. It’s perfect for any Harry Potter fan who wants to feel like they’re at Hogwarts – or just have a cool desk accessory.

21. Levitating Golden Snitch

The most iconic gift for any Harry Potter fan is the Golden Snitch. This levitating sculpture features a gleaming, winged recreation of the Golden Snitch that floats and rotates in mid-air with the innovative use of magnets. You can now experience the thrills of Quidditch by owning a replica of this cherished object in the Harry Potter universe.

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