Gifts for Outer Space Lovers
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15 Gifts For Outer Space Lovers

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What do you get for someone who loves outer space? If you’re asking yourself this question right now, then this guide is for you. There is nothing that captures the attention of a space geek more than the great cosmos itself. They want to understand it, know more about it, and enjoy it; and giving them a good space gift can help them do just that.

However, finding the perfect gift for a space geek can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not into space, science, or astronomy yourself. That is where this guide comes in. Whether you’re looking for a gift to aid them with their quest for more knowledge, or just a fun gift, this list has you covered.

Here are the best space gifts that space lovers will definitely geek out over.

1. 3 Piece Space Wall Art

These beautiful pieces will bring life to your space geek’s dull room. The colors are absolutely vibrant and will spice up any astronomy lover’s home. If you have a space-loving kid, these will make a great addition to a space-themed room. You get three pieces per set of these canvas prints and they even come with the supplies to hang the set.

2. Mars Dust Globe

Who needs a snow globe when you can have a Mars Dust Globe? This beauty will put a smile on your space lover’s face. Upon being shaken, the dust clears to a view of Planet Mars, with detailed topography of Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons on one side, and an adult and child astronaut on the other. This gift will let your astronaut live out their dream of living on Mars as we all wait for the day when that will actually be possible.

3. LEGO International Space Station

This international space station is both challenging and fun to build. It is perfect for Lego fans and space enthusiasts. It comes with a stand, two astronaut micro-figures, a brick-built mini NASA space shuttle, and three mini cargo spacecrafts to create a spectacular display. Your space lover will have fun building it, and when it’s done they can place it as a centerpiece and show it off. Check out The Lego Shop for more awesome Lego sets.

4. Astronomical Refracting Telescope

If you’ve got a young astronomer in your house, this telescope will be a stellar gift for them. It is an entry-level telescope with a 70mm lens that easily magnifies the moon so that they can see it better. One reviewer even mentions that “You can make out SOME faint detail on Jupiter, especially if you go away from light pollution on a clear, moonless night. And you can just make out Saturn’s rings.” It is easy to set up and your astronomer will be gazing at the stars in no time.

5. 1,000 Piece Planets Space Puzzle 

Do you need a gift for someone that loves puzzles? This 1,000-piece solar system puzzle will give them a good mental workout. Get them exercising the left and right sides of their brain as they piece together this beautifully colored space puzzle. They will be challenged but have fun while doing it, and it is suitable for both adults and kids.

6. NASA Roll-Top Backpack

How cool is having a NASA backpack though? This NASA backpack is designed to comfortably carry the weight of your essentials without straining your back. Made of durable water-resistant polyester material, this backpack will keep sturdy and make sure that your stuff remains safe and dry throughout your travels. It is perfect for any space fan.

7. Adult Astronaut Suit with Cap

Please your space traveler with this quality astronaut suit. This suit has a very authentic look to the real NASA spacesuit, including details such as the NASA patches, padded collar, high-quality zippers, and shoulder and waist harness. It comes in either white or orange color and is suitable for both men and women. It will get your space lover feeling like a real NASA astronaut and they will not want to take it off. Check out the kid-size astronaut suit here.

8. Piece of Space – Real Iron Meteorite

Give your astronomer an opportunity to own a piece of space by gifting them this piece of a real iron meteorite. The meteorite comes in its own little bag and you get an official certificate of ownership that can be customized to add your name to it. It is small enough to just carry around or you could get it fashioned into a pendant for them so that they could wear it.

9. Starry Sky Projector

This kids’ night light projector will transform your child’s bedroom into a starry sanctuary. The colorful star projector creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room and your little one will enjoy looking at the stars as they fall asleep. It is perfect for use as a child’s nightlight and it can also be used as a romantic night lamp and indoor decoration light.

10. Desk Planets Gemstones 

This solar system gemstone set includes all eight planets in their order, and it comes with a wooden base with cutouts where you can fit each planet. Each stone is beautifully handcrafted such that there are no two planets that look exactly the same. They are unique and perfect for decorating an outer space lover’s desk.

11. Earth and Space: Photographs from NASA Archives

This outer space photobook from the archives of NASA will aid your space lover’s quest for more knowledge. The photo book is full of images of Earth from above, the solar system, and other images from deep space, with a tiny explanatory paragraph accompanying each image. These up-close views of the great cosmos will leave your astronomer in awe, and they will learn something new as they go through the pages of the book.

12. Astronaut Flush Mount

Need a lamp for a kid’s space-themed room? This astronaut ceiling light will fit right in. The lamp is designed as a space station and has two astronauts hanging on the sides to mimic real astronauts outside of a space station. It comes in a satin nickel color and needs two bulbs to get it working. This lamp will surely stir up your little space lover’s imagination and they will be happy to lie down at night looking up at it. This Galaxy Moon Lamp is an excellent alternative.

13. Solar System Bib Necklace

Got a mom, sister, wife, daughter, or any female friend that’s into space? Let their astronomy geek show with this beautiful solar system necklace. The necklace is produced using a high-quality print which is then protected with clear glass that magnifies the artwork. It comes with all nine planets – yes, Pluto was not kicked out here, and you get to customize it for whatever length you would like. Check out Rina’s Studio for earrings to match and even more geeky jewelry designs.

14. Buy Land On The Moon

Buy Land On The Moon

This is an excellent gift for the astronomer who seems to have everything. The Lunar Land company is one of the first organizations on the planet to have filed a legitimate trademark and copyright for the sale of space property. They’ve so far sold millions of acres on the moon with more acres up for grabs, and they offer different packages that you can choose from as suits your needs. Make your space lover a proud Lunar Land Owner by getting them a piece of land on the moon.

15. Planetary Society Membership

Planetary Society Membership

This is another excellent gift for the astronomer who seems to have everything. Help them join the mission to increase discoveries in our solar system and beyond, elevate the search for life outside our planet, and decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid by getting them The Planetary Society Membership. Their role in space exploration could start now.

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